Purchasing a Pistol

Pistol Purchase Process

The member requests a ‘pinkie’ (LE2/1 form) from the Club Armourer or Secretary. Completion of this form for submission to the Police requires a full description of the pistol. This is then taken to the Arms Officer where a Permit to Procure form will be issued. The Permit to Procure is then taken or sent to the dealer or individual from whom the pistol is to be obtained.

On receipt of the pistol, it must be taken, together with the Permit to Procure, to the Police Arms

Officer to have the details of the firearm entered into Police records. The maximum number of pistols which may be held on a B endorsement is 12 although in rare and special instances the Police, on the recommendation of Pistol NZ Council, may agree to extend this. The form LE3/1 may be obtained from the Executive Officer. Once completed, the form is submitted, via your Club committee, to the Council of Pistol New Zealand for approval.

Carrying a Pistol

When a member with a B endorsement wishes to take a pistol to an approved range, to the Police station, or to a dealer or gunsmith (these are the restrictions imposed on a licence holder) it must be carried in a stout, locked container separate from any ammunition. At the range the pistol must at all times be under the control of the owner unless handed to the club armourer. If the pistol is to be taken away from its usual security overnight (e.g. to a competition) then the responsibility for its safe storage rests entirely with the member against who’s licence the firearms is recorded.