Christchurch Pistol Club is the largest pistol club in the South Island and caters for all the various types of competitions, matches and recreational pistol shooting practised in New Zealand.

Come along to our Induction Day. It starts at 9:30am SHARP.

The fee for the day is $85.00, YES, you get to shoot pistols.

Next Induction Day date is:

2nd of August

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The easiest way to see what it’s all about is to visit the range on any Sunday morning between 9:30am and midday, or you can email us at and ask for more details. To find the range, and where to go on arrival, see this map.

You must wear ear and eye protection at all times on our ranges

We have plenty of these to borrow. Why not come along to the next induction day (9:30am sharp) to experience first-hand what we’re all about! The fee for the day is $85.00 to cover ammunition because, yes, you get to shoot pistols.

When you arrive, make yourself known to any range officer there and have a chat. They will be wearing an orange high-vis vest. They will direct you to the correct committee member on duty, who will answer any questions you may have and arrange for a New Members Handbook should you wish to join the club. You will be shown around and can see the various types of shooting in progress.

If you decide to proceed and have filled out an application form, you will be given training as needed to meet a minimum standard after which you may choose any discipline that interests you. Further training is then available as required.

There is a probationary term of 6 months for all new members when they first join the club. During this period new members must record 12 attendances on club days, pass their Range Safety Examination and obtain an “A” class Firearms License if not already held. Training is given in all aspects of gun safety, gun handling and shooting skills.

The club conducts all Olympic-style events and matches from other shooting disciplines. National and South Island Championships are held on a regular basis together with provincial and club championships each year. The following disciplines are shot regularly.

Pistol shooting is a VERY safe sport, more than any other sport involving firearms. The Christchurch Pistol Club has never had an accident involving a firearm and we don’t intend to start now. Safety is paramount and ALL shooting is done under the immediate supervision of a trained range officer.