Pistol Shooter Process

Probationary Period

A probationary period of six months is mandatory for all new members and this may be extended if the club committee so decides. During this probationary period the new member:

  • Must obtain a firearms licence if one is not already held (where a new member is under 16 years of age, they must obtain a firearms licence within six months after their 16th birthday)
  • Must attend the club and shoot at least 12 times within the six months.
  • Must attain a satisfactory standard of range behaviour and be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of range rules and safety standards.
  • May not purchase a pistol yet.

Junior Proficiency Badge

Junior members, up to the age of 16; who join must sit the Junior Proficiency badge test to allow them to shoot pistols while under immediate supervision of a licence B endorsement holder.


Attending the club means: being at the range, registering your attendance on the range register, paying the range fee (if one is required) and participating in the club activity of the day. (whatever activity has been decided by the club committee).

License Endorsement to Acquire a Pistol

To obtain the B-Cat endorsement an applicant must have satisfactorily completed the probationary period. Obtain the B endorsement form, POL 67F, at the nearest Police Station. It must be completed and signed in the presence of the issuing Police Officer who also must sign and witness the form. (To speed up the process have a receipt from the Post Office proving you have paid the licence fee) Then submit the form to the Club Committee to complete the Club section. They will then forward it to Pistol NZ with a completed Club Range Officer and Safety test form for validation, before being returned to the Police for consideration.

This form recommends and certifies that a member is competent and safe with a pistol, has attended the requisite number of meetings and is familiar with all requirements pertaining to belonging to Pistol NZ and the club. After the Police have granted a B endorsement to the member’s Firearms Licence, the member may arrange for the purchase of a pistol.

Before granting a B endorsement, the Police will inspect the member’s home to ensure that security is adequate for the retention of pistols. Security normally takes the form of an approved steel safe or lockable steel container. Specifications can be obtained from your local Arms Officer.

Change of Address

When a member changes his or her address they are required by law to advise the Police, and to have their pistol security checked at the new address before pistols can be stored at that address.

A member should also notify their club and Pistol NZ of a change of address. For PNZ this can be done by either emailing the new address details to the Executive Officer at info@pistolnz.org.nz or online at the Pistol NZ website – www.pistolnz.org.nz