How to shoot a Pistol

Jerry goes over basic and advanced techniques that are sure to make you a better pistol shooter. Complete with high speed demonstrations of grip techniques.

How to shoot a Revolver

Jerry shows us the proper revolver technique. A lot of this knowledge can also apply to semi-automatic pistols & handguns as well. He also shows us the differences between the weaver & isosceles techniques.

Cowboy Action Shooting

This video will introduce you to one of the fastest growing shooting sports, Cowboy Action Shooting. It will provide you with a brief history of the sport, it’s guns, costumes, matches and a few other things as well.


Team Benelli introduces you to the world of 3-Gun. See why it’s one of the fastest growing shooting competitions.

3Gun Shotgun

If you’re looking to buy a shotgun for 3gun competition, these are the models, gear and ammo considerations that I’d recommend. Hope this helps some of you that have asked me about this recently.

ISSF Pistol

If you are into accuracy shooting then this is the discipline for you.


Christchurch Pistol Club Mini Match 24/08/14, 4 stages. At the end of the last stage I got a squib load, so that’s why I didn’t finish.